Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22. Day 356. Thinking outside the Square

It was a $28 million redevelopment that didn't actually have the ratepayers of Brisbane jumping with excitement. In fact words such as hot, concrete, barren, soul-less and lacking shade were levelled against the new-look King George Square when it was opened to the public. Truthfully, I preferred the fountains and the grass the square sported before the very, very expensive face lift. During the day it is a glarey, uninviting space BUT at night it's undergoing a transformation of Cinderella-like proportions. The nightly City Hall Light Spectacular is just that. Whoever came up with the idea of using City Hall as a screen on which to project an animated version of the Nutcracker is a genius. Crowds are flocking to it and although it runs for less than 10 minutes (repeated every quarter of an hour) it is well worth the trip into the city. But hurry. When the clock in the City Hall clock tower strikes 12 on Christmas Eve the light show will come to an end. Tick, tick tick.

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