Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9. Day 343. Stormy weather

 It's not exactly beach weather, if by beach weather you think lazing on the sand and jumping waves.
These are fine activities, very fine activities don't get me wrong but the beach is good for the soul even if you never strip down to your bathers and take the plunge. The weather gods may appear to be most grumpy with all the menacing clouds, flashing and banging going on but the holidays gods are still smiling. I find it impossible to be angry with the world when there's sand between my toes and the dog is gleefully charging through the shallow water. This afternoon we were alone with kilometres of sand in each direction, the wonderful walking conditions of low tide and not another person or care in the world. Fortune favours the brave, apparently. Besides less than perfect outdoor weather is perfect curl up with a book and nap weather and that's just what the doctor ordered (considering exactly how much I have paid said doctor this year it is about time I actually listened to his prescription). Now all I need is a rebate covering holidays., Best medicine ever.

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