Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3. Day 337. That's quite a tail

 I need a new job. To be clear, there's nothing actually wrong with my current job (apart from the marking and the paperwork which totally suck). But anyway, as jobs go you could do far, far worse than the one I've got. Still there is a problem when it comes to filling in the section of those official forms that ask for occupation. Let's be honest, university lecturer or academic sounds somewhere on the spectrum that extends between extremely dull, through very learned to something like complete wanker. This is neither fair nor true (although I have met university lecturers in all those categories) but it is hardly a "sexy" occupation. I want a business card like Nika Seafey. Nika, her card says, is a Professional Mermaid. Not only that she is founder of Mermaids Academy Australia. Somehow I found myself drawn to Nika at the Southbank pool this morning. I'm not sure but I think it might have been the tail that attracted me. She told me she was about to hold a mermaid class (And soon after Sarah turned up for her lesson). She told me about the benefits of core strength and flexibility and the fun that comes with exercising in a pool wearing a tail. And I heard about mermaid flips and handstands and underwater photography and a lot more but my mind was still totally blown by the idea of being a professional mermaid and holding mermaid classes. I found it rather hard to take it all in and I'm supposed to be a smart person (at least that's what my business card would have people believe).

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