Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 18. Day 352. Weight off the shoulders

The great thing about holidays is that they have the uncanny ability to lift a huge weight off your shoulders. Water gives you a huge buoyancy. I'm in holiday mode and I like the holiday-mode me. Bank fraud division sends a text to say my credit card has been used in an attempt to pay a $3000 hotel bill in Spain. I hear only the word "unsuccessful". My card might have been cancelled the week before Christmas but I refuse to let that worry me. Bank stopped it. All good. Car gets towed. Repair firm offers a loan vehicle. All good. Non holiday me stresses. Big time. Holiday me walks the dog, goes to the beach, collects shells, throws the ball, swims in the pool and hangs out with family. I'm determined to keep the holiday me for as long as possible.

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