Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6. Day 340. Rain on my parade

The Sunshine Coast totally failed to live up to its name today - in fact it was raining when we arrived to start our two week vacation. Given the soggy conditions there was nothing for it but to stay indoors and watch TV - yeah right! It was off to the beach with the dog and a ball for a play and a paddle. We were always going to get wet so does it really matter if the water comes from the sky or the ocean? Certainly not when the temp remains in the mid 20s and it is humid as hell. I admit I will be sad if we don't see the sun soon but walking with the family on a deserted beach is hardly a bad start to a holiday


  1. And I thought it was always sunny in Oz! Still lovely and warm though, perhaps you could send some heat to the UK. By the way, your dog is gorgeous! #countrykids

  2. Your little dog is so sweet and he seemed to love the rain. Lovely photos. #countrykids

  3. What a sweet picture of your dog, he certainly looks like he's having a fabulous time! I hope the weather gets batter and you can really enjoy your holiday!