Thursday, December 4, 2014

December 4. Day 338. Memories

It is true that children do not come with an instruction manual. They do, however, come with a set of magic glasses with invisible filters and some kind of noise cancelling headphones. This is a little known fact but it is my belief this is what allows parents to watch their own little darlings in years of school assemblies and concerts and not realise just how woeful the singing etc is. Nature allows us to see only cuteness and this is exactly as it should be. Problem is these devices self destruct or wear out with time and as soon as our nearest and dearest are not involved some of the gloss wears off and we hear not the harmonious singing of a magpie but more like the squawking of a crow. Tonight marked my 12th annual Fame Christmas show and I admit to cringing just a bit (okay a lot) as the little ones worked their way through the "songs". Naturally those same songs were completely adorable a decade ago. Now the joy is watching just how far my baby has come since those early years and seeing how much joy it continues to bring him (and why wouldn't it when you the boys are outnumbered by girls about 20-1?!)

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