Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 28. Day 28. Attitude

Believe it or not, she actually liked the ice block. A lot. But with a camera close by and an audience and not just an ice block to feed off,  she could deliver just about any attitude you can think of. Pretty convincingly, as it happens. This child is a natural. What I see in her face is pretty much the roller coaster of emotions I've gone though as I have endured this election campaign demonstrated by a seven-year-old far better than I ever could and without prompting. Slightly nauseous, grumpy, wide eyed with disbelief and full of disdain. 
Political campaigns do that to a person. Worst of all, I rather feel that the politicians of all sides are playing us, swearing that sweet is sour or visa versa. Just stick to the script. Repeat it over and over. Fortunately, like the ice block it will be gone soon. (My guess is that all the colours and sweeteners will also be gone and once again the voters will be left with the stick to suck on).

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