Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5. Day 5. Sad face

Back to work today and therefore it was important to correctly accessorise my outfit. So as is appropriate for the occasion I teamed my grumpy boots with my sad face. A month of summer was just not long enough. Why, I ask you, isn't an hour of staff meeting the same length as an hour of full body massage. Life is so unfair. Also continuing to the frown that wouldn't turn upside down today was the fact that after a too brief stay my friend Al and baby Elliott were packing up this afternoon for an early morning flight back home to Singapore. Sorry Shakespeare, exactly what is so sweet about the sorrow of parting? I don't get that. So sad faces all round (except Elliott who I don't think has a sad face in the tool kit yet and rightfully his mum is delighted at that).

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