Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12. Day 12. Old dog. New tricks

Of course you can teach an old dog new tricks. It's just that new dogs pick up the tricks much. much more quickly. I got yet another lesson in that and in iMovie today. While Drama Teen was having an acting class downstairs I was upstairs with the tutor's seven-year-old daughter Eowyn. She watched TV for about 2.7 seconds and then announced we should make a movie starring Rumple. "Or", she said, "we could just make a trailer but that would have no sound. No, it should be a movie." Out came the iPad from her bag and the production began. For the next 30 minutes she directed and starred and it was my job to film. "Stand over there and move slowly around until the camera is on my face," she directed. If my camera skills weren't up to scratch, she demanded a retake. I was reminded to keep quiet during shooting because "we aren't shooting a silent movie you know". When Eowyn was satisfied she decided she needed four still photos.  One of her face, one of Rumple's, a paw and her hand. At the opening of the film we would see her face and Rumple's paw. The film would close with her hand and Rumple's face. When she left she announced the film's working title would be Rumple and Me but added that could still change. I love that. I love her creative vision and I love that dedication to her craft and I admit to being slightly jealous of her videography skills. Perhaps this old dog needs to learn new tricks.

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