Friday, January 16, 2015

January 16. Day 16. On a roll

One of the more memorable games nights at our place (and there have been many) involved a game of Taboo. The rules are fairly simple. With the countdown timer ticking, you have to give clues to your team members enabling them to guess the word on the card without using any of the taboo words. So if the word is "tennis" you might not be able to use "net", "ball", "racquet" or "court". Anyway, on this night, a slightly brain dead friend of my brother thought "you cut a bit off the end to make a bong" would be an awesome clue to lead my mother to say "hose". As clues go, that's about as useless as it gets. In any event, today I found out another completely awesome reason to cut off a bit of hose - rolling curls in wigs. This piece of knowledge was gleaned at a Behind the Seams (pun intended) look at the costume department of Queensland Theatre Company. QTC is in the final stages of preparation for Boston Marriage. Seeing what is involved in wardrobe in a period comedy is fascinating. It looks effortless on stage - which is obviously the idea - but the reality is far from so. From the height of the seats to ensure the actresses can sit naturally in corsets, no detail is left to chance. Which brings me back to the hose. In the wig section I learned that sections of hose make awesome rollers. The wig master explained that hose sections respond well to heat and are even better than rollers. Well who knew? Not me, obviously. I was as clueless on this point as my mother would have been on the subject of bongs.

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