Friday, January 23, 2015

January 23. Day 23. Flooding rain

Good on you Australia. A reminder as we head into this Australia Day long weekend of why this is known as a land of drought AND of flooding rain. In addition this is also a timely reminder of why I never go long weekend camping. It always rains. Always. Of course I also don't go camping the rest of the year. Fact is, I like my bed and hot water and a flushing toilet.  I also rather like electricity, the Internet, a roof over my head, clean dry clothing, the kitchen sink etc, etc. You get the idea.
When I get away from it all, the "it" I normally want to get away from is work of the house and paid variety.
Never have I wanted to get away from modern sewerage. Hundreds of millions of the people in the world are forced to live without running water and adequate sanitation, I can see no good reason to do it for "fun".
Besides I have plenty of nature I can get up close and personal with in my own back yard (literally).
Frankly I'm pretty sure even the birds around here weren't that fond of camping out today and would have been most grateful for a roof over their heads

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