Thursday, January 8, 2015

January 8. Day 8. Pooch Party

 Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Rumple
Happy Birthday to you.
Yes, I am fully aware my precious fur friend does not know what a birthday is and he is certainly not aware that today is his second birthday.
Frankly I don't care and no that's not because it's all about me. It's because while Rumple does not know about birthdays he does know about food and he does know the people and animals who mean most to him and he does love spend time with them. He also knows when he is the centre of attention and he loves it. So a birthday party makes perfect sense. The invite list was the immediate family, Grandma, Rumple's human cousins Connor and Cleo and the beloved beagle cousin The Fed. There was cake for the humans and a canine cake which weighed almost as much as the birthday boy. And no birthday party would be complete without presents - a new ball from us and a toy bone from Grandma and of course silly party hats all round. The festivities were rounded off with a dip in the pool. And in case you are wondering where the cake came from - it was baked in my kitchen (OK my kitchen but not by me but by my wonderful domestic goddess Christy) from an old family recipe (AKA something we looked up on the Internet which was probably an old recipe from someone's family). The ingredients included honey, peanut paste, flour, egg and carrot and it was iced with mashed potato and decorated with sweet potato and dog biscuits. The dogs at least thought it was good enough to eat



  1. Happy pooch party. He decided against a dip with the kids then. Too full of pooch ckae I'll bet! Thanks for joining me for a fun Country Kids post.

  2. Wow what an awesome cake!
    Good job he didn't go for a swim with a full tummy after that x