Saturday, January 10, 2015

January 10. Day 10. Afternoon delight

 In an episode of Glee (when it was still good or at least good enough to watch) Emma thought the song Afternoon Delight was about ice-cream. Of course - spoiler alert - the "sky rockets in flight" reference was all about sex. Shock, horror. Therefore today's post is about the sunset and has nothing at all to do with the dog version of Embarrassing Bodies which happened in the early evening at out place. Pretty isn't it? If for some reason you want the Cleo Magazine sealed section version of today's post you will need to read below the line. It's pretty gross but then people have medical conditions far too humiliating to seek professional advice but they are quite comfortable to reveal all on international television and some people (like, say, me) watch it with a mix of fascination and disgust. So read on if you want to. Don't say you weren't warned

Okay you sick little bunny, here's the other story of this evening at my place. Picture this. We are rushing to get out the door when Drama Teen calls out: "Mum, can you come here?"
Me: "Whatever it is bring it here"
Teen: "No mum, you need to see this"
Me "Is it another incredibly funny YouTube video?"
Teen: "It's the dog's penis ..."
Now I'm not sure how the dog's penis becomes the business of the only female in the house and being a good Catholic girl I wouldn't consider the penis to be anything like a specialist subject of mine but this didn't look right. Apparently the dog starting humping Drama Teen's arm and, well, things got a bit excitable for poor little Rumple so much so that he couldn't walk or even sit. I've seen the dog's pink pencil of pleasure many times before but this was a whole new ball game (pun intended). All I could think was someone needs a cold shower so I put him in a laundry tub filled with cool water and when 15 or so minutes later things hadn't gone down any I rang my friend the vet. See here's the thing. In pets like children you are never sure when you are over-reacting and when you should let nature take it's course. This will not be the first time that the problem went away almost as soon as I picked up the phone. But I'm okay with that. Better to be safe than sorry. And in case you are wondering, I took the photo for diagnostic purposes. Choosing to blog it, well that I can't explain. Put it down to my fascination with Embarrassing Bodies

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