Saturday, January 24, 2015

January 24. Day 24. Buzzing with excitement

I am sure self help books are extraordinarily helpful to some people such as the people who write, publish or otherwise profit from them. Personally, I find them either extraordinarily trite, an exercise in stating the bleedingly obvious or fine in principle  but the principle is never the hard bit, the following it through is.  Take this little gem. This is what dragonflies are supposed to remind us:
  • Spend time near the water
  • Be colorful
  • Enjoy a good reed
  • Zoom in on your dreams
  • Appreciate long summer days
  • Keep your eyes open
  • Just wing it!
Someone is selling post cards with a quite lovely picture of a dragonfly and this piece of inspiration. Of course dragonflies could remind us of a whole different set of things. As always, it is in the way you look at it. When I watched this dragonfly at the City Botanic Gardens today I could have seen these traits:
  • Never stick to anything for very long
  • It's an awesome idea to eat on the fly
  • If you live a year, you are very, very lucky
  • Mosquitoes make a great meal
  • The best way to approach prey is to mash it to a pulp with a powerful serrated jaw
  • What big eyes you have Dragonfly. All the better to see you with my dear
  • Don't bother with foreplay. See a girl you like, amps your forearms around her neck and deliver a vicious bite to subdue her
It puzzles me how I am not writing greeting cards for a living. Poetic, I am. Anyway while a dragonfly may never teach me to spend time near the water nor wing it, I admit I find them hypnotic to watch and most attractive. That's good enough for me.


  1. Absolutely stunning shot - well done!

  2. what great colours and pattern they are, sadly their bite is quite nasty and causes me huge allergy issues so I avoid them if I can.
    Commenting on behalf of Project 365 as well as myself

  3. That is an awesome photograph, the detail is wonderful and the depth of field is brilliant. Your words, as always, are spot on. I think humans overthink stuff a lot of the time.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  4. Amazing picture! Well done on getting that captured.