Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 18. Day 18. Game on

When it comes to speaking sh*t, I am a master. Or more correctly I am the undisputed champion at playing Absolute Balderdash, a game that involves sucking your opponents into believing your absolute crap. The thing that is most surprising about this is the pride I take in this title. Yeah, like I say, full of sh*t. But the real joy in playing Balderdash is not the winning (although that totally rocks) but the amount of fun we always have when we play. The Balderdash tournament is a permanent feature when our family gets together with the Sherwood family. It's always a relaxed gathering of the clans. Today for the first time the get together also involved the first meeting of our fur friends. Rumple and Rosie spent a great deal of time sniffing each others butts, then ignoring each other before deciding that actually the other one was okay. I'm not sure they will be inviting each other over for games night any time soon but when two dogs are happy to eat from the same plate you know they are comfortable in each other's company and that, after all, is what friendship is all about.

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