Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 20. Day 20. Perfect match

Australians consider themselves to be a sports loving lot. Actually this is a matter of national self delusion. It's not sport itself Australians love, it is Australian sportsmen (yes men, not athletes) competing we love. Or to be more accurate it's winning we love. Let's be honest, winning beats the alternative so you can't blame our collective psyche for that. Still, if it was sport that captured the Aussie attention, the Gabba would not have been almost empty today. And not only that more of the bums on the seats that were occupied would have belonged people born here and not those from India and England. Parochial lot. And no, I'm not being holier than thou on this matter. I was only there because I was given a free ticket. That is another thing Australians love - something for nothing. This, of course, creates a difficult problem. Who to barrack for. Being married to an Englishmen, I normally consider it my solemn duty to support anyone but England. However, after a summer of Australia versus India tests suddenly switching sides also goes against the grain. So what's a girl to do? Simple. Enjoy the atmosphere and remember the age old adage. Winners are grinners.

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