Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 21. Day 21. Wet, wet, wet

Brisbane, please stop this. This humidity business is killing me. Feeling moist and smelly all the time is most unpleasant for all involved. Air conditioning has been my salvation - or it was until the power bill arrived. Fanning oneself with the Energex bill is a most unsatisfactory alternative just adding a little more fan to the giant fan forced oven that is the city. Even my fur friend is refusing a walk staging a sit down strike at the suggestion. He does manage to get just a bit excited when the humans return from any outside time. You remember the old ad about body odour where friends helpfully left bars of  Palmolive Gold around to drop the subtle hint that you stink? The reaction of a dog when you return from a walk is also a pretty safe indication not that I think anyone needs to be told. In fact you'd have to be a great big drip, bigger even than this water feature at South Bank pictured in big close up, not to know.

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