Sunday, September 1, 2013

August 31. Day 243. It will be all white on the night

I have been told that white suits me and I should wear it more.
I have totally chosen to ignore this advice despite acknowledging that it may just be right.
The thing is this, white suits me. I do not suit white.
I am a total grub. Putting a pale colour on me is like an open invitation to every piece of dirt and every morsel of food to come round and party on my clothing. It will not be white for long.
But I am prepared to make the occasional exception. I did have a white wedding and I did get myself all whited out for Diner en Blanc Brisbane 2013 our city's version of the worldwide all white picnic.
You wear white, take white chairs, white picnic baskets, white tables and white accessories and gather at meeting points around the city.
Then you are bused to a secret location for a pop up, all white picnic.
I love the theatre of that and 2500 people wearing all white on the foreshore at Hamilton was quite a sight. The logistics of busing those 2500 people back to their starting point was far less spectacular but it has to be said that once we were on the bus the antics of our fellow passengers was "interesting".
Would I do it again? Possibly if the transport thing was addressed but for now it was all white on the night.

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