Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3. Day 246. Who's a pretty boy then?

The first haircut. It's a big moment in every parent's life.
I remember when my actual baby had his first haircut. I could have cried. All those little blond, baby curls gone.
Suddenly he looked so big, so grown up.
Of course he was still adorable but for a few days he didn't quite look like my baby. I still have a little bag of those curls somewhere.
So it was deja vu all over again today when the fur baby had his first haircut.
But unlike the experience of the first born, fur child looks so much littler.
He also looks adorable and it has to be said much tidier and even cuter if that's possible.
As an added bonus the haircut means he can now see clearly.
You will be pleased to know I did not even feel the need to keep a bag of fur. If I need a reminder of the moment I need only look at the credit card bill. Let's just say the human child's first cut was a little bit more "budget friendly". Of course Rumple is worth every cent.


  1. oh my goodness how adorable is he? such a sweet looking face - i could just cuddle him x