Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4. Day 247. Putting my feet up

Wednesday of Week 7; exactly half way through the 13 week semester. I guess that means I'm half way there. That head down, bum up position is pretty much situation normal around here.
And it's not just the paid employment (in fact, if I'm honest, the day job is the least of my worries).
But today is Day 1 of the plan to buy myself - if not the opportunity to put my feet up a bit - at least the space to be able to breathe.
I have engaged a helper - a unique being who is prepared to be a teen mentor, home work facilitator, cook, cleaner, driver of Mum's taxi or whatever the family needs on the day.
The plan is that this will allow Susan to get back into the swing of things. Not sure how it is all going to work just yet but I have high hopes.
So here's today's image taken at South Bank this morning. It may be just a rush of blood to the head but I think it's a sign of me regaining my balance.

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