Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9. Day 252. You light up my life

 Perhaps it is because I am older and wiser. Perhaps it is because I am older and tireder. Perhaps it is just because I am old. But for whatever reason I have seriously cut back on activities on a school night.
Fatigue and self preservation mean that I routinely turn down opportunities for mid week frivolity. But there's no reason to be stupid about it.
So tonight I joined a large number of families on the bank of the Brisbane River to witness the City of Lights laser, acrobatic and water show as part of the Brisbane Festival. I thought a Monday night meant it would be quiet. Clearly there were many, many others had a similar idea. Even so I doubt anyone left disappointed. The show is awesome and free and you have three opportunities on a Friday and Saturday nights if school nights are out of the question. The show is also on twice a night during the week. It's family entertainment at its best.

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