Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26. Day 269. Flipping out

At this time of year, as the weather heats up, it is not unusual for young people to spend much of the school holidays in flippers.
Water-based activities are very much par for the course.
It is, however, much less likely that here are many spending the week dancing with webbed feet.
But that's exactly what Theatre Boy and a significant proportion of the cast of Fame Theatre Company's production of The Frog Prince are up to this holidays.
Personally, I find walking in flippers to be nearly impossible so the idea of dancing in them is out of the question but this talented young group take it in their stride (pun intended).
They don't even seem to find wearing more black eye liner than anyone in The Underground nightclub circa 1983 to weight them down.
I guess that's why I am in the audience and not on stage. And from my seat in the audience I can say this was a very enjoyable production.
You can still catch it at The Claver Theatre, All Hallows, until Saturday,

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