Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 25.Day 267. Trust in the rope

This is Kirsty. It's her birthday and she celebrated today with her friend Clair taking a giant step off the edge of the Kangaroo Point cliffs. And why not. You've got to live on the edge sometimes.
The view is great even if the first step can be terrifying.
You have to take risks.
However, I feel like I'm spending a lot of time right on the edge at the moment. All I can hope is that I learning a few things while I'm here.
For what it's worth this is what I think I am gradually coming to understand.
  • Don't look down. Onwards and upwards. Always
  • It's okay to let someone else take the weight
  • Some forces around you are like gravity. You can not fight against them. Don't even try
  • There will be someone there to guide you if you ask
  • And in the end you just have to trust the rope and hold on

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