Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10. Day 253. A soft touch

I made a rule this week. I called it the anti-Burlesque rule by which I meant there would be no feathers and no fur. My obsession with bird and dog photos had to stop.
And so today you have - a picture of my fur child, Rumple. I failed completely.
Basically, I am a push over and everyone knows it even my camera. Put on the slightest bit of pressure and I bend.
Rumple has my measure well and truly. Our daily walks are actually "carries". We walk for a bit and then he stages a sit down strike. He will not move so I pick him up.
I walk and he sits on my shoulder resting his head on my backpack. I vow this insanity will stop but he can outlast me. I mean look at him, how could you argue with that?

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