Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September 25. Day 268. Taking flight

It's been a bit of an up and down week with more than a few things to ruffle this little black duck's feathers.
So I decided to take flight and head to the beach - which seemed like a great plan that should have had me flying high and it did until
1) I found a perfect house with availability on the required dates only to have it cruelly snatched because someone beat me to paying the deposit. Smack back down to earth. Susan, like this bird at Dutton Park this afternoon, was in a bit of a flap until
2) I found another house with availability on the required dates but somehow the $5000 price tag for a week seemed just a little (okay a whole lot) excessive.
Just when it seemed there was no beach property that allowed dogs inside and had wireless Internet (the teen's one requirement) I received a phone call. There been a cancellation. There was a property on the Sunshine Coast. Susan is soaring again (while trying to keep the excitement in check as the agreement is still only verbal).
Just how much this is affecting my emotions is, I think, a clear indication of just how much I need this break.
If all goes to hand I'll be migrating north for the holidays next Monday. If you want me, this is where I'll be

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