Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27. Day 270. A Mother of all days

My Mum is fit as a fiddle and strong as an ox. Seventy-two years and not one operation, not one medical emergency, not one physical ailment requiring a hospital stay.
Until today.
I'm at work supervising an exam when the phone rings. It's my Mum's GP. She needs to find Mum. She's been to her house and left a note. So she'd Google searched me and found my phone number. The blood test results from yesterday were bad. Very bad. I need to get her to a hospital accident and emergency department.
Mum had felt a bit dizzy after playing golf in the incredible heat and humidity on Wednesday. That could happen to anybody (normally anyone but Mum).
This is a total bolt from the blue.
Terror (mixed with a strong dose of being incredibly impressed that a GP would go to those lengths).
Fortunately, I knew exactly where to find her. Friday morning means bridge at Northern Suburbs Bridge Club.
Fortunately, I have great work colleagues who I can call on.
I'm outta there. Phrases such as acute kidney failure are not what you want to hear.
However scans showing no tumours, this is good. So for now it is all a mystery but for the moment the prognosis seems very positive. Fluids and an overnight stay may be enough but without knowing what has caused this it's impossible to tell at the moment.
So all bits crossed and a word in the ear of any higher power who will listen.
I may be 48 but like the deodorant ad of years gone by, I still need my Mum.
Hugs and kisses, Mum. Get well soon.

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