Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23. Day 266. Sand storm

School holidays. I know for many that's a phrase that breeds dread but I love the holidays. In fact I could throw my hands up in the air with glee (and that's even allowing for the fact that I'm still at work).
And with weather warming up and it being festival season there's so much to love about life at this time of year.
There's also so much to do and to be honest the thing I dream of doing most is nothing - and lots of it.
I want to lie by the pool or stare out to sea or read a book. I want to escape to the beach.
Today the best I could do was South Bank beach and as inner city facilities go it's a smoking hot place Brisbane has.
It's no wonder the place was teeming with families enjoying the school holiday sunshine today.
But it's not the same as the vast expanses of beach on Queensland's coast and if all goes to plan this time next week that's exactly where I'll be.
And that will be something to make a big splash about.
Watch this space.

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  1. It looks like this boy is having a fab time at the South Bank Beach! I am jealous and can't wait to see some fab photos from the coast - fingers crossed for you. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.