Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 8. Day 251. Time to put my toe in the water

Summer. Bring it on.
With the weather hotting up, I am counting down the days until the first swim on the season. A quick toe in the water today suggested this may still be a little way off but with days of over 30 degrees forecast for this week it's out there.
This means summer preparations must begin in earnest. I am pretty sure I did not spend all of the summer months last year walking around naked but there doesn't seem to be anything in the wardrobe to wear. It will be there, I just need to rediscover it.
Similarly there is work to be done on the "bits and pieces" which have been covered for the winter and are now exposed. Let's just say they have been let go to seed over the winter.
I've decided to start from the ground up and work on one body bit at a time. So today it was the toes.
Talons are okay when your feet are in boots but not so much in the season of sandals.
That puts me one step closer to being ready for a summer heat wave. Now all I need is something to wear.

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