Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 12. Day 255. Stepping on a few toes

I love kids. I love their insatiable curiosity. I love their spirit of adventure. I love their fearlessness.
So you see a giant pink rabbit on the banks of the Brisbane River what do you do? If you are a small boy you grab a small stick and go and check it out. First give it a gentle prod and when that goes okay stomp on its toes just to make sure.
The large pink bunnies - part of the Brisbane Festival - are breeding like rabbits and despite the fact that they have been well publicised they still never fail to turn heads wherever they turn up. This one is keeping watch over the city from its vantage point at South Bank near the ferry terminal. I reckon that might make it the winner in the jostle for prime real estate. You might have to put up with more than a few boys stepping on more than a few toes but that's a fair price to pay.


  1. As I rode past this afternoon a father was taking multiple shots of his toddler exploring the bunny at toddler eye height. I watched for a little while, laughing as he discovered the tail, then rode off grinning.

  2. Oh wow, they look brilliant! I think you're right about them being fearless. When my eldest was about 3, she walked over to someone dressed in a Maisy Mouse character suit and battered them with her balloon on a stick. Just because.

  3. Oh wow he is a fab bunny. Yes that sounds like exactly what my boys would do too.

  4. These are great photos - loving the bunny!

  5. You have to admire a child's bravery and curiosity! Love the giant rabbits - an inspired idea. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  6. Oh, that is brilliant - what fun!

  7. Haha I love this photo, what a cool city art piece, love it ;)
    Just popping over from country kids
    Laura x

  8. Gromits, giraffes, now bunnies - what more am I missing since moving from the UK? Great photo by the way

    over here from Country Kids :)