Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11. Day 254. Things are hotting up

Although it could be argued that we by-passed winter completely this year (not a bad thing in my book) today certainly felt like summer.
For the first time in six months the mercury went over 30 and I started seriously looking at the pool (looking not touching it has to be said). But it won't be long now.
Fortunately, though, it was a very mild night and the walk down to the ABC studios at South Bank just after 6am was very pleasant. It would have been more pleasant had I not been delayed by the small matter of lost glasses resulting in something of a frantic rush. Seriously, when will someone invent a Find My Glasses app?
Still the walk home was much more leisurely and I liked this water park fountain which without doubt would have got a good working over as the day progressed.
Yep, things are really starting to hot up around here.

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