Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21. Day 264. What a sad face

I'm pretty sure one doesn't get a say in it, but I wish to be reincarnated as a dog.
To clarify, when I say dog I don't mean working dog or even outside dog I mean lap dog.
I think the life of Rumple would be okay.
His main jobs involve lying on bed sleeping (something I am particularly good at), being cute (not one of my skills but I might make a nice dog) and giving unconditional love (As a mother I can do that one too). Two out of three aren't bad.
I think Rumple thinks life is pretty okay - almost all of the time.
The exception is bath time. The neighbours probably have the RSPCA on speed dial to deal with the cruel and unusual punishment.
Fortunately for both Rumple and I, he has a short memory and is very forgiving.
After 15 minutes rolling on the grass and in the dirt I'm sure he couldn't remember what bath.
Until next time ....

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