Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19. Day 262. The pointy end

One day until the end of the third school term. One week left until the semester break.
We've reached the pointy end of business and things are feeling rather bleak and stormy.
It's a little hard to see the bright side right now.
So in a desperate attempt to escape the storm cloud brewing in my head, late this afternoon I said bugger it* and grabbed Rumple and went for a walk.
Turns out others were having a day far worse than mine.
In Musgrave Park I watched five police officers stride with purpose to a group drinking under a tree. One woman was marched off after admitting to punching another in the head.
She did deny kicking.
Others in the park told me the two women were cousins who happened to like the same man.
It was a fight not worth having, they told me.
"Fight for rights, not f***ing men," they said.
And they laughed. I guess you might as well see the bright side of life. So here is the bright side from my time in Musgrave Park today.

 *That may or may not have been the exact phrase used.

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