Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2. Day 245. Shout it out loud

Oh will you shut up?
Some days everyone seems to want a piece of you. Today was one of those days.
The screeching seemed to be coming from all directions. This may have been the reality or it may be a combination of a blinding headache, serious marking-induced sleep deprivation and a savage bout of Monday-itis.
By late afternoon I'd had enough and decided a little fresh air and a walk was what was needed to clear the head and put a bit of space between me and the voices of demand.
But some days you just can't escape it. I stopped on the footpath outside Brisbane State High School to take a photograph of some litter arranged decoratively on the spikes of the fence.
Clearly I was in someone's territory and he wasn't afraid to let me have it.
Barely a metre from me and totally ignoring the savage beast on the end of the lead, this bird swooped in and let me have it.
Let's just say they don't call them Noisy Miners for nothing.
All I can say at least it wasn't a magpie. That would have really capped off a manic Monday.

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