Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30. Day 242. Slow and steady

That business about slow and steady winning the race is crap, total crap,
Slow is pretty much my only pace (reduced to very slow now that I am frequently carrying six kilos of fur on my shoulder as a result of a Rumple sit down strike). I can assure you I have never won a race and am never likely to. In fact the turtle and Steven Bradbury, the Olympic ice skater who won only because every one else fell over, were the only ones ever to win by going slowly.
So I might not have the turtle's winning ways but I am a plodder and like this bloke at the Lakes at the University of Queensland this afternoon I frequently feel that I am only just keeping my head above water.
But I have a plan to be a winner in the great race of life.
This afternoon I interviewed someone to save my life. She will cook or clean or help facilitate homework or be a ear to the teen, whatever it takes. This, hopefully, will give me some much needed breathing space. Watch out hare, Susan is back up and running.


  1. That's quite a surreal shot. Very cleverly caught as always.

  2. Brilliant photo! I know what you mean and I often feel like I only just keep my head above water too. I hope you get yourself sorted

  3. great shot, not sure he is that happy with you peering at him though!

  4. I see you.....
    hope your hired help makes your life earlier.

  5. I don't blame you, I could do with a housekeeper/helper. You have to do whatever is needed to keep sane!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.