Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13. Day 225. Not going to end well

It will surprise everyone (okay no-one) to say that when the world is divided into cat people and dog people I would put my tick firmly into the canine column.
And here is why. When my fur friend and I went for a walk this afternoon (does anyone take a cat for a walk?) Rumple took a fancy to many of the scrub turkeys we encountered on the way.
Had I not been a responsible dog owner and had Rumple on a lead, he would almost certainly have tried to catch one. He almost certainly would have failed.
But here's the thing. He would have been very upfront about it. There would have been no doubting his intentions. Dogs are genuine and honest and loyal. They don't sneak and sulk and stalk. You won't die wondering what's on a dog's mind.
Cats on the other hand ... endlessly cunning and scheming. Just check out this feline. Poised, ready to strike. Clever and cunning. This is not going to end well.
In the end the turkey would have ended up equally dead had either of the creatures hit the mark but I prefer a foe prepared to look me in the eye before striking.

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  1. Hi Susan. Just discovered your blog. The cat in your pic appears nonchalant rather than scheming but it may be the instant of the snap. I'm an animal person of all sorts. Currently have a totally black cat called Snowball (no reference to the Simpsons). My daughter and I rescued her after her owner died. Snowball's cunning extends to figuring out the most comfortable place to sleep. She's not interested in chasing animals or birds. That's hard work. Anyway, I'll watch your blog with interest. Cheers, Roger