Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 6. Day 218. Man's Best Friend

The other day I ran into a work colleague at the coffee shop (yes you Stephen) who wanted to know where  my furry friend was.
"I thought you two were attached at the hip," he joked.
I wouldn't  take Rumple to work because:
a) The Manual of Policies and Procedures - The MOPP - prohibits dogs on campus (yes, I did look it up. No-one knows everything the MOPP says. It's an impossibly large document covering every possible scenario relating to life at university)
and b) Rumple would quickly find that being able to lie on the couch or sun himself on the lawn are far preferable options.
However, it has to be said that there's nothing most pooches like more than to be with their human. And the feeling is generally mutual.
Which is why I was attracted to the window cleaner and his pooch going about their business at Kelvin Grove today.
I didn't get the full story because the human was at work in the cafe and the puppy was remaining tight lipped. I couldn't stick around because I would have been late for a lecture - something I may have been prepared to risk had I not been the one giving the lecture. So for the second time today I had to turn my back on a cute puppy and go to work. Paw me.

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