Saturday, August 17, 2013

August 17. Day 229. Going, going, gone

At the 66th Tony Awards, the totally fabulous Neil Patrick Harris sang and danced his way through "What If Life Were More Like Theatre?".
Well I'm here to tell you Neil, sometimes life is one big stage production.
Here I am not talking about the Shakespearean tragedy that is living with a very "artistic" teenager where every day is a new drama.
Nope, I'm talking about the auction across the street this afternoon.
With the audience were potential buyers but mostly all of the other residents of the street out for a look.
Someone should have brought the wine and cheese.
And, oh the drama. Bidding started at $600,000 with a mystery phone bidder kicking things off.
It kicked around the garden a bit and every time it stalled the phone bidder would up the ante. And then at $700,000 with the bid against Phone Man, the connection was dropped.
The auctioneer paused to get instructions from the vendors, declared the property on the market  and did a song and dance act Neil Patrick Harris would have been proud of but still no phone connection.
So finally when he could delay it no longer... Going once, Going twice, Going three times and sold to the man on the deck. And then the phone rang. Too late my friend, too late.
No that's theatre and there was no admission price.

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  1. Black tights with a yellow minidress? Really?