Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4. Day 216. An interesting Segway

This is not a sponsored post*. I totally love the Riverlife Centre in Brisbane.
We've tried many of their activities. We've abseiled down the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, an activity I was especially good at because falling is a special talent and in this case you have a harness.
We've tried rock climbing, an activity I was especially bad at because it involves quite a lot of upper body strength an area in which I sadly lacking.
We've also tried kayaking which was a bit of a struggle against a tide but was huge fun.
So when I found out there was a new adventure to be had, I simply had to give it a go.
Segways, or Personal Transporters, became legal on Queensland footpaths and bikepaths on August 1.
As long as you are over 12 and over about 40 kilos (I qualify on both counts - just) they'll let you join a tour.
A beautiful Sunday such as today demanded a bit of outdoor fun and even The Teen was quick to agree to exit the Man Cave for a ride.
My goodness it was fun. We were both rather wobbly at first given balance and coordination are sadly lacking from the gene pool. However, there's a training circuit and obstacle course first (see video below)  and the trainers are very patient. It wasn't long before we were ready to ride.
Out 30 minute ride snaked along the Kangaroo Point pathways, along the river and under the Storey Bridge. At the half way point, our guide JJ decided to stand on his hands. Fortunately, this was strictly optional and the rest of us just admired the view.
At $59 per person for a half hour ride, Segway tours are not exactly cheap but they are huge fun, so much fun that Mr O thinks he would rather like his own machine to ride to school. Yeah right.  Not going to happen Sunshine.
*Sponsorships available. I'm easily bought.


  1. Wow, loads of fun! And I like your *sponsorships comment - made me smile ;-)

  2. Now that looks fun, no wonder it's popular - what a way to travel to work/school! Thanks for sharing your photos and video with Country Kids.

  3. Ow! That looks great fun. Good for you giving all those activities a try.

  4. Oh I would love a go at this Susan, I think I'd be rubbish and probably run people over, but I'd still love to try it. I don't think I'd manage to be quite as good around the cones!