Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21. Day 232. Clean up after yourself

In the communal kitchen at work there's a sign. Clean up after yourself. I am not your mother.
Signs like this have been in common areas of every workplace I've encountered.
But here's the thing. I am the mother of one of the residents in our house and I'm stamping my foot.
Wouldn't it all be just a bit easier if everyone picked up his or her own rubbish? (in our house it's always his as even the dog has boy bits)
See this bird at South Bank this morning? There was a leaf in the lagoon. Did Birdy wait for Mummy to pick it up? Did Birdy just pretend not to see it? Was Birdy prepared to ignore it knowing someone else with a lower mess threshold would come along?
No Birdy did not. Birdy dealt with it and a big gold star and an elephant stamp for her efforts.
So if it's good enough for the birds, what about the blokes?

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