Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28. Day 240. Go with the flow

It's back! One of my favourite places at South Bank - the Aquativity Water Play Centre - has been closed for renovations but when I was there this morning it was back in business. At 7am it was still empty but with the (winter) day hotting up to 29 degrees I'm reckoning it would have been swarming with small people later in the day.
But this early bird and a few seagulls got to enjoy the attraction in peace before the crowds.
I like this water spout because it appears to be following all the laws of nature, doing what is expected of it - to a point. Let's face it if you go with the flow most of the time there's nothing wrong with bending the rules occasionally. Have a bit of a wobbily if you must but then get back on track.
That's me at the moment - trying to keep to the straight and narrow but just a bit shaky at times.

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