Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16. Day 228. Hanging out the washing

I bet you thought the Emperor's New Clothes was a fairy tale, right?
Well, I am here to tell you that magical cloth invisible to the human eye not only exists but there is plenty of it at my place.
Like the fairy tale, only those with special qualities are able to see it.
Any item of clothing dropped on the bathroom or bedroom floor around here has these magical properties. I'm the only family member able to see it.
The clean washing ready to be brought in off the clothes line - invisible.
The piles of sorted laundry ready to be returned to drawers and cupboards, also invisible.
In fact, I rather suspect the other residents in my home think we have a laundry fairy who drops by, puts on a load of whites and then disappears.
All I can say is that at least when I talk about hanging out washing, I just get to use pegs.
Today's picture is extreme hanging out washing; the bloke with the power cleaner on the side of my work today. Apparently not all males are incapable of seeing dirt.

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