Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18. Day 230. Heading for a fall

I suppose that it's an attempt to make sense of the world that drives us to want to categorise and stereotype everything and everybody. We like to fit things into neat little boxes that accord with our world view to simplify things.
So it is with parenting. We first world mothers tend to divide the world into two parenting styles - the free range parents and the helicopter parents.
Helicopter parents hover and protect. We are always there ready to catch them when they fall or to stop anything that might lead to the fall in the first place. These are the cotton wool parents.
Then there are the free rangers who believe in letting children's spirits run wild, in learning by experience. Having scraped knees and bumps and scratches are all part of the game.
For my money, I think we actually need a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. By all means learn wild jumps on your skateboard but make sure you have on some protective pads - that sort of thing. And if that means poor mum has to close her eyes and just not watch well so be it.
Anyway, the free range kids were out in force today displaying their skills in the annual Billycart Championships.
There were thrills and spills aplenty but other than injured pride there appeared to be no damage done. Every kid who took a fall, jumped to his or her feet, grabbed the cart and finished the race on foot.
If nothing else there was a huge display of resilience. Free range or helicopter, that's something every parents wishes for their kids.


  1. Great photo's! I love the concern from the safety people in the first series of shots :D
    Helicoptering is easy, it's the free-range shutting your eyes parenting that takes all the effort :p

  2. I winced at the photos, I like to think I mostly free range with a little helicopter thrown in for health and safety. I admire these children for getting up, dusting themselves off and finishing - a testament to some good parenting. Thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  3. I agree, I don't hover but they don't run wild either. Balance is good! Great photos x