Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 10. Day 222. The stage is set

Back at my old school today and once again I was struck by how much things had changed.
I was there to see Theatre Boy perform in his Senior Musical the big number on the annual performance calendar.
And that's change one - a state-of-the-art theatre. Very nice too. In my day, there was the school hall and we'd sit crossed legged on the floor. That was it.
But while I was waiting to go in I watched the Breaka Queensland water polo team practice in the water polo pool. Nothing like that in my day. The school now has a rowing team and sheds, too. I love that schools embrace the many and varied interests of young people and foster those as best they can. I rather figure that the three sets of school fees my parents paid for my sisters and I to attend that school helped build those facilities.
I also know that the 10 years in drama fees I've paid have helped build my young man into the performer I saw on stage.
Today he received his 10 year certificate, one of three in the group who have passed the decade mark.
Given he was only five when he started I am proud of his staying power and his commitment. While other interests have come and gone over than 10 years, never has the love of the stage waned. Not once.
So it's just a piece of paper but it's well earned.
But I have just one question. Where's mine? Where's the recognition for the fees, the Mum's taxi duties, the reward for sitting outside at all hours waiting for rehearsals to finish (and for sitting through some of those performances in the early years waiting to see that one line delivered)
I joke of course.
Whether it's water polo, rowing or musical theatre behind each young participant there's the family cheer squad.
We wouldn't have it any other way and as long as he recognises me in that Tony Award acceptance speech ...

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