Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20. Day 232. Photobombed

It would be total pot calling the kettle black stuff for me to say that we spend too much of our lives seeing the world through the viewfinder of some device or other.
Go anywhere of note and instead of just enjoying the moment most of us will be framing it through some device or other. And then at the tap of an app it's shared with the rest of the world via some social media site or other.
There are those who take great delight in exploiting this modern phenomenon by photobombing - that is jumping into the frame just as you are about to go snap.
And so it happened to me today. I was focusing on a Kookaburra but when I looked back at the frame there it is. Well it made me smile.


  1. Sometimes you capture something like this though when you are looking at life through a camera lens. Great shot!

  2. hee hee looks like he has lost his balance!! great capture x

  3. Fabulous depth of field in this photo and the sky is so vibrant.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.