Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 3. Day 215. The Times they are a Changin

80s band Skeletones at Exhumed
I'm stuck in the '80s, I admit it.
Yes, the fashion was woeful. Yes the hairstyles were ghastly but the music, well, that was my era. And I spent much of today back in my heyday, transported to that great decade of the university and early working years. Oh happy days.
Eighties moment one. Brisbane Powerhouse and a play called School Dance. How that took me back to 1982 and All Hallows dances. Human League, stone washed high waisted jeans, big hair, Furbies, leg warmers, Smurfs and just about every 80s cultural reference you could name . I laughed until I snorted.
But the times they are a changing. For one, never before have I seen a play at noon. But what's acceptable for viewing by students in Catholic high schools sure has changed. In my day hell would have frozen over before we were allowed to see a play with the "F word" in it. But today's theatre visit was to meet curriculum requirements for the Catholic school boy being raised in my home. And within minutes of the pay opening the F Bomb was dropped. Yep, Toto we ain't in Kansas any more.
Eighties moment two. Kedron Wavell Services Club for the ABC 612 Brisbane Exhumed final. This is a competition for nor has-beens, not wanna-bes but never weres. In short, it was a celebration if the bands that should have been great in the 80s. Well that's my take on it.
This was the vision of ABC Sydney presenter James Valentine who in my mind will always be of The Models fame. I was a total fan girl. I saw The Models perform 13 times in the 80s, at least once in a venue that later became a furniture mega store. James was there tonight so I insisted on a selfie. They hadn't been invented in the 80s but who cares?
Anyway in yet more evidence that times are a changing, the event kicked off at 6.30 and was over by 10pm. It was a great night out and I still got to be home in bed at a decent hour. That wouldn't have happened in the 80s. 
The Dustbin Hoffmans

Old 45s

One of the joint winners - The Roseberys


One of the joint winners Diddly Squat

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