Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5. Day 217. Bending over backwards

I believe this is a Pennisetum. At least that's what Doctor Google would have me believe. My gardening knowledge = zero. Anyway should my Google research skills be correct this is a hardy native grass. Certainly there is a lot of it around and it's very attractive. For the most part it's also very upright, very straight, very proper. But not this one. It's bent over. Looking in on itself. Kind of going around in circles. It's yielded to some pressure in its environment.
That's me right now. I used  to be firm in my ideas, so firm. But I'm bent, I'm being moulded. My form is changing shape under the environment that is parenting a teenager.
In some ways that can be attractive. In some ways it can just leave you in a whole world of pain.
But like this strand caught in the glow of the setting sun at Kangaroo Point there's no getting out of the spotlight. The change is there for all to see. Hair-raising really.

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