Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23. Day 235. Credit where credit is due

There has, as part of this election campaign, been quite a bit of mud thrown at the Murdoch press.
I'll let others decide whether that is justified or not but I will say that whatever you might think about the organisation the editorial staff are a fine hardworking bunch of people. In fact, much of the sh*t levelled at journalists as a whole is unfair, unfounded or just ill-informed. Well, I would say that would say that wouldn't I? Anyway, it's true and for today's photograph I have not one but two members of the Murdoch press to thank.
Firstly Marc Robertson, the night photographer at The Courier-Mail, who gave me a masterclass on night camera use a couple of weeks ago. I remain determined to practice what I learned.
And secondly journalist Felicity Sheppard whose contribution is perhaps a little more esoteric but no less valuable.
It goes like this. When I tweeted that I was heading out for a late afternoon walk, Felicity reminded me that it is Magpie season and as such I should carry a large stick as a precaution.
Wise words Felicity. So I looked around for such a weapon and came up blank. But then it hit me.
There is this tripod thing that gathers dust in the cupboard. That's like a big stick AND if I head down towards the river I might even be able to use it for the purpose its makers intended.
So here you have it. A wheelie nice photo of South Bank at night.

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