Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2. Day 214. Dummy spit

Some days I would like to have a huge dummy spit. I would like to do "a toddler" or the vastly more terrifying display of irrational temper "a teenager".
But I don't. Being a responsible adult I bite my tongue such that I almost draw blood.
And I practice so much diplomacy that I swear I could bring peace in the Middle
Count to ten, take a big breath, meditate - whatever it takes.
But most of all I go for a big walk and clear the head. That helps get into the frame of mind that allows me to not say the things I really want to say.
This afternoon my walk took me by a house near the river where this bright blue glass dummy was hanging from a tree.
I'm guessing there are toddlers living in that house - or teenagers - and this is the homeowners little joke. Spitting the dummy while not blowing his or her top. Perhaps I'll get one.

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