Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27. Day 239. Suits me to a tea

When it comes to talent, my delightful niece Scarlett has got it in the bag (the tea bag).
I mean, being able to not only envisage an outfit constructed out of only tea bags but them to actually see idea through takes a vision way beyond any thrown my way when the great lottery of natural gifts was drawn.
Today, on her 17th birthday, Miss Scarlett was putting the finishing touches on the skirt for a Year 12 art assignment with equally lovely little Sis Cleo acting as model.
Home-crafted clay teapots will eventually adorn the top. How cool is that?
One suspects there will be many more hours before the project is submitted on Friday but for tonight at least it was a well deserved birthday dinner.
So Happy Birthday Miss Scarlett. Have a cup of tea for me (and make sure you wear that Angry Birds onsie we gave you although perhaps not with the tea bag skirt)

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