Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7. Day 219. Highly strung

highly strung (adj) tense and easily upset; excitable; nervous. Yep, that about describes it.
Three weeks into the semester and the tension levels are starting to rise as the due date for the first piece of assessment rapidly approaches. And I feel I am responding accordingly with my need for a calming camomile tea growing with each hysterical, demanding, slightly irrational email. Hey people, didn't your mother ever tell you to ask nicely? Try to get a bit of balance about this, will you?
As always, my way of coping (apart from the tea) is to take a big long walk. That brings me back down to earth.
This morning this led me to my favourite South Bank just as the sun was coming up.
So here's my image representing today. Highly strung and desperately trying to find balance but definitely looking at things through rose coloured glasses as much as possible.


  1. wow! look at that pink sky and the sillouette against it makes for a stunning photo x

  2. Your photos really make me want to go to the South Bank, that is an astounding photo.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.